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Fitzwilliam Square is located on the south side of Dublin and was laid out in the late 18th century, continuing the steady development of the city south of the river. Together with the earlier Merrion Square and surrounding streets, Fitzwilliam Square was built on Baggotrath, part of the lands owned by the Viscounts Fitzwilliam of Merrion. As can be seen from Jonathan Barker’s map of 1762, Baggotrath was bounded by two of the three ancient routes leading southwards out of the city, the Beggars Bush road and the road to Donnybrook (Lesson Street), with the third highway (later Baggot Street) meandering through the centre of the area , dominated by Bggotrath Castle. Lying near the city, the level green fields and orchards of Baggotrath were an obvious choice for prime building development. Neighbouring Merrion Square had prospered and , despite its more modest (and troubled)beginnings, Fitzwilliam Square also attracted a variety of well-to-do citizens. It early acquired the reputation as a prestigious place to live and work, and that inherent perception has pertained up to the resent day, despite changes in function from wholly residential to predominantly and now to the slow but sure return of a residential element. Much credit for its survival is due to the good stewardship of their Irish properties by the Fitzwilliam’s and later by the Pembroke family, who kept a watchful eye on their Dublin estates with the aid of hard-working agents.