Getting Around on Dublin Bikes 

Dublin City Bikes

A very easy, fun and cheap way of getting around Dublin. There are many stations near Fitzwilliam Townhouse. The closest station where you can use your credit card are marked in red on the map and you pay €2 for a 3 day pass.
The nearest pay stations is St Stephen’s Green, a 5 minute walk away (No 36 on map) and for Bike return the nearest station is just across the street (No 20 on map)
dublin bike transport dublin city centre fitzwilliam townhouse

3 Day Ticket Users - €2.00

For short term hire, a 3 Day Ticket will give you access to all the benefits of the  Dublin Bike service.

If you only want to use Dublin Bikes and you are a visitor to Dublin, choose a 3 Day Ticket and you can cycle to see Guinness Storehouse, cycle to The Abbey Theatre or around Phoenix Park. These tickets are convenient, great value for money and can be purchased from any of the 14 credit card terminals for just €2.

How do I buy a ticket?

You can buy a 3 Day Ticket at stations with credit card terminals (Please note that Laser Maestro, VISA Electron debit card and cash are not accepted). This facility is available at 14 station terminals (see Station List attached). Consult the terminal menu to obtain a short-term ticket that you will need to keep throughout the period covered by your subscription. This card contains an ID which you will need to enter each time you hire a bike, in addition to a PIN selected by you. It is important that you keep your ticket in the event that any issue may arise. You must agree to the General Conditions of Access and Use.

If you have any queries, simply ask reception and they will be happy to assist you.

Map Of Dublin Public Bike Locations