When you stay at Fitzwilliam Guest House Hotel you will be very near St. Stephen's Green Park

You will be only 5-minutes walk from St. Stephen's Green and all Dublin City and County Bus Tours start their journeys from ourside the park, which is across the street from the Shelbourne Hotel.  It only takes a further 2-minutes to walk to Grafton Street and to St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre and also to the LUAS line.  This LUAS line goes direct to Dundrum Town Centre in 20-minutes.

Hotel Near Stephens Green

History of St. Stephen's Green

St. Stephen's Green can be enjoyed by everyone, with a pond and ducks to feed and a play area for children, stroll around at you leasure and enjoy smooth green lawns, amazing flower displays as formal as a Victorian garden, clean and level ways to promenade on and those delightful little buildings. St. Stephen's Green has a bandstand, a pavillion, a stone bridge and the mock-Tudor groundskeeper's lodge. Plus the grandiose Fusilier's Arch and the thoroughly modern Wolfe Tone memorial - called "Tonehenge" by Dubliners. You will find memorials throughout the, including one to Countess Markiewicz (who occupied the Green with the Irish Citizens Army during the Easter Rising. Nearly hidden away is an installation in honor of William Butler Yeats , created by Henry Moore.

Bed and Breakfast, Hotel on St Stephens Green